What a Joke!

I usually have the Automatic Update services running in my home laptop, still running XP pro by the way. From time to time, it pops up, asking me if I’d like to install security updates and program patches, and being the good user that I am, accept what Microsoft deems best and just get along.

So when yesterday it asked me whether I wanted to install Windows Media player 11, to upgrade the version 10 already installed, I didn’t really think much, after all, I don’t even use that piece of bloatware, there’s way better solution for watching media, VLC and iTunes for music (I admit it may not be the best out there, but its convenient if you own an iPod) and I mean, an upgrade surely will be better, it will stop those patches coming in for media player 10, no?


Right after I agreed with the upgrade and a mammoth 25 megabyte download, (Why? Whatever happened to upgrading only the bits you need? Surely Microsoft hasn’t written the whole software from scratch? I guess Joel is right…) I get this:

WTF? Another 5 megabyte slapped on me on me and only the almighty know’s how many more patches to come! Whatever happened to shipping a new version of a product only when you are confident you can actually add value? What exactly is media player 11 adding that couldn’t have been delivered through patches in media player 10? Its being patched regularly for security holes anyway, how about updating for feature for a change?

Like the vast majority of users out there, I can’t count the number of times I’ve put faith in Microsoft software and got a very raw deal*. But the latest round of shenanigans have forced me to have got typing away again. Its just plain annoying.

P.S. Congratulations, Microsoft, thanks for providing an un-installation option at least, however, be sure to check the discussion at the bottom of the link for frustrated experiences of some users…