Free VOIP/Instanat Messaging Clients for the Nokia E61

I’ve had the Nokia E61, the so called BlackBerry killer for a month or so. The combination of a stable platform (S60/Symbian OS) and excellent connectivity options, makes the E61 a killer business device indeed. No wonder that the phone has managed to attract a large number of users in a short period of time. Recently, one one of my colleague at work asked whether there was any free Msn Messenger client for the phone available. This basically sent me on a hunt for free VOIP/IM solutions available on the E61.

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DRM, the Beginning of the End?

Today, The Good, the Bad and the Queen released their album Kingdom of Doom. This is just more than an album release, because it takes the distinction of being the first album sold through iTunes and produced by a major record company, EMI, that’s not protected by Digital Rights Management or DRM.

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