Carbide.c++ 2.0 Released!

Nokia today announced the release of Carbide.c++ 2.0, which is a pretty big milestone in the product’s history. The best thing, besides many bug fixes and enhancements is that all available editions, including OEM and Professional are free! This is certainly an excellent move and just what the doctor ordered.

Download Carbide.c++ 2.0.

Quick Recipes on Symbian OS Released!

Mastering C++ Smartphone Development (Symbian Press)As one of the co authors, I’m really exited to announce that Quick Recipes on Symbian OS has just been released by Symbian Press. According to the official literature,

The book tells you how to start developing C++ applications for Symbian smartphones from scratch and includes recipes that are divided by technology, including graphics, multimedia, location-based services, networking and messaging. Each recipe explains the length of time needed to implement it, and its difficulty level. The task is then explained in detail, and provides snippets of example code. The full sample code is provided for future reference and for use as a starting point in your own projects.

Get a copy from Amazon here, while its hot baby 😉 While at it, have a look at the book’s WiKi page, where you’ll find the recepies(code examples) and the errata.

Happy coding!

35 Useful Source Code Editors Reviewed

Notepad++Smashing magazine has just posted an excellent article reviewing no less than 35 source code editors. Its good to see an article that finally collates the good ones under one roof. Personally, I use Notepad++, which gives you all the facility of UltraEdit(R) and EditPlus(R) for free (open source) and what’s great, its got an extensive collection of plug-ins and an active developer community. And yes, its written in C++ and fast.

Happy coding!

Getting Most out of Carbide.c++ Build System

Carbide.c++ Build OptionsThe Carbide.c++ team at Nokia has just published a series of articles that explains the Carbide.c++ build system in-depth and how to get the most out of it. A recommended read for all developing software with Carbide.c++.

Happy coding!

Ever Wondered What Macros are Defined for your Project?

Carbide.c++ Build ConfigurationA colleague of mine recently popped down at my desk, asking me if there was an easy way to find the macros defined for a Symbian project build configuration. Given that a macro can originate form different places, its not always a easy guess. Of course you can look at the usual suspects, like the HRH file for the platform (\epoc32\include\variant\Symbian_OS_*.hrh) and the MMP file itself for the MACRO directive, but it won’t give you the full list, since the Symbian tool chain will insert its own on top. So how do you get it? Enter Carbide.c++ build configurations.

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Spot the Error

Ok here’s a bog standard piece of Symbian C++. What’s wrong? Hint, its all in the status…

void CConnectionProgressObserver::RunL()
  if (KErrNone == iStatus.Int())
    iConnection.ProgressNotification(iProgressBuf, iStatus);
  // OnProgressNotificitionL is
  // a callback (void)(TNifProgress, TInt)
  iNotify->OnProgressNotificitionL(iProgressBuf(), iStatus.Int());

Still didn’t get it? Read on…

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Please help me urgent!!!

One such from the NewLC forums:

Please tell me everything about C++, I want to learn it. Is it similar to Basic?

Also please to tell me how to program in Symbian. I want to know it everything. I am is already knowing Cobol.

I have to write program to solve world hunger and global conflict, But How do I begin? I start to write it but it doesn’t work, what is wrong with it? Please to write it for me and post the files here when you are finished.

Also what does it mean?:

PART[01000001].APP’ has uninitialised data.make[1]:”

how to automatically launch program at boot up. My boss give me boot up arse, how to make program launch when this happen?

Explain to me what is leave? My wife leave me yesterday, is it similar concept in Symbian? I didn’t trap her, should I? What is this leave I read in SYmbian?

Awaiting your response.

First Look: Carbide.c++ for Symbian/S60/S80/UIQ Development

Recently, Nokia released Carbide.c++ and Carbide.j, the first versions of the new generation of IDEs for Symbian OS development based on the open Eclipse platform. This is good news indeed, as Eclipse seems to be the only viable challenger (albeit still some way to go to become a real challenger, at least in the C++ department anyway, see below) to the Visual Studio family of products. Continue reading