(Yet Another) Useful FireFox Add-ons List

Yes! I know, there’s plenty of top Firefox Add-ons lists floating all over the web. Too bad none of those have my official endorsement :-D. Anyway, I’ll list some of my favorite ones here, just in case any one finds it interesting. I think they are all must haves 🙂 Continue reading

Netscape Navigator (1994 – 2008)

Unless there’s a miracle, its appears that AOL has taken the decision to cease development of Netscape Navigator. Its a sad day in history indeed, as the Netscape browser family was arguably instrumental in popularizing the commercial internet as we know it, by making it readily accessible to the masses. Netscape would ironically become a victim of its won success later on, falling from grace spectacularly, only to be reborn from ashes as Firefox in an epic tale of the browser wars.

For those of you who doesn’t know, the history of Netscape Navigator and the browser versions.

Firefox 2

Safari on Windows: Let the Browser Wars Begin (Again…)

Apple has just released the public beta of Safari 3 and to everyone’s surprise, there’s a version available for Windows too! The safari beta page is interesting because Apple has all sorts of speed benchmark results glorifying the Safari advantage over IE and FireFox (even Opera wasn’t spared…). I still haven’t personally tested the beta, since I’m stuck with my work laptop running the dinosaur also known as Windows 2000, however, initial public opinion seems to backup the Apple speed claims. However, there’s been some concerns also, suggesting that Safari is a total RAM hog. However, since its still in beta, I’d like to wait and see if the situation improves. Continue reading

Goto my Yahoo! inbox

What’s that? A new fad or something like that? Err… no, just a humble FireFox extension I wrote as an exercise in writing FireFox extensions. What does it do you ask? Well, it basically skips the welcome page and takes you directly to your inbox, once you’ve logged in to your Yahoo! web mail account. Yahoo! Has a nasty habit of sticking in heavy duty flash ads right in the welcome page, making it most unwelcome, specially when you are stuck with “fraudband”, e.g. broadband so slow, its like dialup. Continue reading