(Yet Another) Useful FireFox Add-ons List

Yes! I know, there’s plenty of top Firefox Add-ons lists floating all over the web. Too bad none of those have my official endorsement :-D. Anyway, I’ll list some of my favorite ones here, just in case any one finds it interesting. I think they are all must haves 🙂

  • Productivity
    • AutoCopy: Copies selected text to the clipboard, just like in mIRC or X-Windows. Probably the most used extension. Just highlight any text to copy it to the clipboard, without resorting to mouse or keyboard. The best bit is, you can paste the copied text to any text field or address bar using the middle mouse button, simply awesome. Don’t forget to checkout the extensive options available for AutoCopy, including an useful context menu.
    • Copy Plain Text: Sick and tired of copying a piece of text from Firefox and pasting it to your favorite word processor or email client, only to discover in utter horror that its been pasted with all its bling? Copy Plain Text gives you a simple context menu to copy selected text as plain text without any HTML formatting. Best of all, AutoCopy (see above) can be configured to take advantage of Copy Plain Text to copy the selected text as plain text always, giving you a killer combo.
    • AutoAuth: Just like any good old browser, Firefox lets you save authentication information (read username and password) for web pages and HTTP authentication dialogs. What AutoAuth does is automatically submits HTTP authentication dialogs for pages where you have chosen to save the user name and password. One less return key pressed!
  • Google
    • CustomizeGoogle: With Google becoming the defacto destination for all sorts of services, whether its search, blogging, document and picture sharing and what not, its always welcome if an add-on would maximize the efficiency of interaction between the user and Google.  CustomizeGoogle does just that. It has a whole host of features that make using Google services uber simple and productive. My personal favorite is web and image search streaming. The CustomizeGoogle home page lists all the interesting features, along with a small video (available in multiple formats) introducing the add-on.
  • Synchronization
    • FoxMarks Bookmark Synchronizer: After Google left millions high and dry by refusing to update Google Browser Sync for Firefox 3.x, I started using Foxmarks. FoxMarks lets you synchronize your Firefox bookmarks only between any PC and view them on-line in FoxMarks website too. If you are looking beyond to syncing bookmarks only and want Google Browser Sync Support, I highly recommend having a look at Mozilla Weave. Its still in beta and carries the usual disclaimer of any beta product, however once released, its looks like it will take the crown for the ultimate sync add-on for Firefox.
  • Appearence/Themes
    • Cooliris (formerly Piclens): Undoubtedly one of the most innovative browser add-on out there. I don’t think you can find a single person who didn’t go ‘wow!’ after installing Piclens. Piclens lets you browse popular web 2.o sites like Flickr, Google Image etc. in full-screen 3D effect. Definitely worth it. The most recent version even supports sharing images and videos, view latest headlines and window shop on Amazon. Nice!
    • IE Tab: Lets face is, as much as we love Firefox, because of standards issue and lazy developers, there are some websites out there that can’t simply be used with Firefox and requires the other browser from the evil empire :-/. Well IE Tab enables browsing those sites right inside Firefox by embedding Internet Explorer inside a tab. Best of all, there’s a site filter that you can use to instruct Firefox to always open certain web pages/websites using IE all the time.
    • Fission: If you’ve used Safari (or Opera), you might have noticed that it’s got a nice way of displaying a page load status: instead of using a standard status pane based progress bar, the page load progress is displayed right in the address bar, which is more visible and pleasing. Fission brings this behavior to Firefox. Another handy feature of Fission is it can be configured to display the active link/mouse-over link in the address bar too, handy in some situations.
    • Tiny Menu: If you are fussy like I am for maximizing usable screen space, Tiny Menu is what you want. Tiny Menu simply collapses all menu items under one main menu entry as pop-up menu items. You can also choose which main menu items will be collapsed too.
    • Hide Menubar: If you don’t want the hassle of merging the icons from Navigation Toolbar to the Main Menu Toolbar so that you can get rid of the Navigation Toolbar (when using Tiny Menu, above), you can also have a look at Hide Menubar, which hides your main menu bar and displays it when the ALT button is pressed.
    • Undo Closed Tab: Firefox provides a handy mechanism to undo a closed tab. The only problem is, you have to access it by going to the History->Recently Closed Tabs menu item. Wouldn’t it be nice just to do that with a click of a button? Undo Closed Tab lets you do just that. You have a choice of context menu entry, a button in the tab bar or in any toolbar with some other handy options thrown in too. And for the keyboard junkies, undo closed tab with Ctrl+Shift+Z key shortcut too.
    • FxIF: Displays image EXIF information in the image properties dialog box. Very handy indeed since you don’t have to download the image to you hard drive before viewing the EXIF information.
    • Outlook 2003: Right, I do understand that when it comes down to themes, everyone has their own preferences, so I’m not going to insist that you use this theme or the next one. Its just something I use and like 🙂 Outlook 2003 transforms Firefox to look and feel like… well Outlook 2003, widely acclaimed to be one of the most elegant UI designs to have come from M$. The themes come in  Blue, Green (which I happen to be partial to) and Silver too.
    • Chromifox: With advent of Chrome, one thing Google has managed to do is give us a nice, clean and elegant browser UI. Chromifox bring the Chrome UI to Firefox.
  • Feeds/RSS
    • Sage-Too: Sage-Too is the Firefox 3.x port of the original Sage project. Its provides a simple sidebar for viewing all your RSS/Atom subscriptions. Best of all, you can even select which bookmark folder to display. So if you are like me and use the Bookmarks Toolbar for feed subscription, Sage-Too is a no brainer, specially over Wizz RSS News Reader.

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