The Death of High Fidelity

In the age of MP3s, sound quality is worse than ever.

At least, that seems to be the analysis at RollingStone. Here’s an article on Wikipedia with slightly more detailed technical analysis on the same subject.

While at it, curious readers might want to checkout Mp3Gain. I’ve found it quite useful over the years to normalize my mp3 collection.

One thought on “The Death of High Fidelity

  1. Because people more often listen to music at lower fidelity, record labels are compensating by making music louder… so it catches your ear. This has resulted in an industry phenomenon: louder music begets louder music. It’s a loudness war of sorts, where some record labels are fearful of releasing music that’s not loud enough, or not competitive enough. Gotta be competitive, right? But this loudness war causes problems…


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