An iPod Application you can’t Live Without

A lot has been written about iTunes replacements that lets you manage your iPod without being a slave to Apple. Good examples can be found here, here and here. While all the applications add value by supporting a multitude of features, it can be a bit confusing checking each application out for its strength and weaknesses. Worst of all, some of the applications don’t seem to have support for the latest iPods and can do more harm than good. Fortunately, there is ONE application, that can be truly hailed as a complete and total replacement for iTunes+QuickTime combo. Its comes with the unusual name of Floola.

Floola is an all in all solution that let’s you manage and sync your iPod with no hassle. It includes support for playlists, album artwork, lyrics and loads of other handy features, like playing songs directly from your iPod when its charging. Its so cool that it actually includes built in support for converting videos to your iPod (for the geeks out there, using FFMpeg), so you won’t need a separate video converter application*

Best of all, it runs under Windows, Mac and Linux and comes as a stand alone binary, which means you can carry Floola along with your iPod. Now that’s cool 😉 Enjoy!

*If you still insist for a separate video converter application, Videora looks like a good free iPod video conversion application under Windows.

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