Free VOIP/Instanat Messaging Clients for the Nokia E61

I’ve had the Nokia E61, the so called BlackBerry killer for a month or so. The combination of a stable platform (S60/Symbian OS) and excellent connectivity options, makes the E61 a killer business device indeed. No wonder that the phone has managed to attract a large number of users in a short period of time. Recently, one one of my colleague at work asked whether there was any free Msn Messenger client for the phone available. This basically sent me on a hunt for free VOIP/IM solutions available on the E61.

Below is a list of free clients that I have come across so far. As a bonus, most should work with S60 3.x based devices, not just E61.

  • Windows Live Messenger: Works like a charm. IMO, the best MSN client available for any S60 device. If you are having trouble downloading from the main page, here’s a direct link. Some people have reported that the client “expires” after a couple of month of usage. *Someone* found out that, un-installing and reinstalling the client solves the problem 😉
  • Fring: Excellent multi VOIP/IM client that supports… hold your breath… Skype (including Skype Out!), MSN, Google Talk and SIP. Form a technical perspective, the Fring client works like a charm. However, it has some usability issues, including an annoying beeping noise each time you receive an incoming message that can’t be turned off and no feature to view contact information for IM contacts.
  • ISkoot: Just a Skype client. One advantage over Fring include the fact that its more integrated with E61, e.g. you can use the joystick/up-down button on the side to control volume during a call, just like you’d do when in a normal call.
  • Gizmo Project: The great thing about E61 is that it has a full support for SIP. This means that you can use literally hundreds of free gateways and providers that uses SIP based VOIP solutions. The Gizmo Project is one such providers. Because the SIP based VOIP capabilities are already built into E61, you can use the Gizmo Project simply by setting up the account and changing some settings in the E61, its that simple. Here’s a link to the how to.
  • Truphone: A client much like ISkoot and Fring. Right now, they are doing a promotion that lets you call landlines in 40 countries for free!
  • Mig33: Something that I haven’t used personally. Claims to have support for IM on AIM, Yahoo and MSN, besides their own chat community.

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