Movies to Watch in 2007

First of all, new year’s greetings!

Long time no post; time to make things up. To start off, here’s a list of movies (a.k.a over budget character less Hollywood flicks that really leave a lot to be desired for but you still go along and spend your hard earned money in an over priced theatre) that I look forward to and recommend watching in 2007.

Children of Men: For some reason, Warner Brothers, the distributor of the movie seems to have put up a lacklustre effort in advertising the movie some people perceived as being a serious Oscar contender. Directed by none other than Alfonso Cuarn of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Y tu mama tambien this definitely deserves a lot more attention than some studio executives marketing whims me thinks. View trailer.

Hannibal Rising: For all the fans of Thomas Harris and his creation, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. The book, unfortunately didn’t really live up to expectations, I hope Hollywood will do a better job. The movie is based on the beginning of Dr. Lecter’s life, from his childhood in Lithuania to young adult life in London and what made him. View trailer.

The Number 23: Jim Carey is back… hopefully. And who better to direct him than acclaimed director Joel Schumacher? The plot looks a bit flimsy, man comes across a book that mimics his own life, but ends with a murder. Will you be worried if such a thing happened in your case? View trailer.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Full length ass kicking pizza eating CGI barfing retake on the cartoon classic. Need I say more? View trailer.

Sunshine: Just when you thought that Hollywood has forgotten how to make good Sci-Fi flicks, come a movie that restores hope, or I’m hoping at least! Why? For a starter, the script was written by Alex Garland of The Beach and 28 Days Later fame. Secondly it has lovely Miss Rose Byrne 😉 View trailer.

Spider-Man 3: Ok ok ok, I hear the complaints and moans already! This is just to see if Hollywood can set a new standard by actually making a watchable third movie of the same franchise. View trailer.

28 Weeks Later…: Ahh the inevitable sequel! Too bad Danny Boyle isn’t part of the project anymore, I don’t care because certain Miss Byrne… ahm…

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End : See Spider-Man 3 😀

Nancy Drew: I know what you are thinking! NO!! I’m not a teenage girlie books fan, its just memories from those oold school days. Nothing really to vouch for, but what the heck.

Transformers: No introduction required. Steven Spielberg is the executive producer and best of all, its NOT a CGI animation, but a full featured movie! View trailer.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Alright, I take back my previous rant on how Hollywood fails to get more than two movies in the same franchise right. Maybe its just Harry Potter’s magic spell, if you know what I mean 😉 View trailer.

The Simpsons Movie: 2007 looks like to be THE year of the animated characters! First TMNT then Transformers and now the Simpsons and in 2D too! View trailer.

Rush Hour 3: I’m a Jackie Chan fan. PERIOD. I don’t care if its a crap sequel.

The Invasion: Promises to be a good Sci-Fi flick: Mysterious epidemic sweeps the world and a psychiatrist to discover that the disease is extraterrestrial in origin. The second collaboration between Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig in 2007.

Atonement: From the acclaimed book by booker prize winning author Ian McEwan and one of my favorite authors, comes a movie on guilt and retribution. Looks like 2007 won’t be a bad year after all!

Mr. Bean’s Holiday: Rowan Atkinson is back and what better place to stage his antics other than France? Ayez L’Amusement! View trailer.

And finally!
The movie we’ve all been waiting for

His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass: The first part of the critically acclaimed fantasy fiction trilogy, His Dark Materials, by Phillip Pullman. Definitely a modern masterpiece and only possibly outclassed by the Lord of the Rings (that to very arguable, since Phillip Pullman uses themes like quantum physics and parallel worlds). There was a lot of debate and apprehension, whether this trilogy would ever be made into a movie they way its supposed to be, considering the anti-establishment theme of the books, but looks like its going to go through thankfully. The first part, the Golden Compass follows young Lyra Belacqua (played by new comer Dakota Blue Richards chosen from an audition of 10,000 girls!) on her adventure to save her best friend Roger to the far North where a secret organization is carrying out an unthinkable experiment on children. Dakota is joined by an excellent cast with Nicole Kidman as Miss. Coulter and Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel. Official website. Photo gallery.

One thought on “Movies to Watch in 2007

  1. The Number 23 looks awesome – should be the best thriller in a while. Carrey at his best and SChumacher creating some really kinetic visuals. Can’t wait!

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