Please help me urgent!!!

One such from the NewLC forums:

Please tell me everything about C++, I want to learn it. Is it similar to Basic?

Also please to tell me how to program in Symbian. I want to know it everything. I am is already knowing Cobol.

I have to write program to solve world hunger and global conflict, But How do I begin? I start to write it but it doesn’t work, what is wrong with it? Please to write it for me and post the files here when you are finished.

Also what does it mean?:

PART[01000001].APP’ has uninitialised data.make[1]:”

how to automatically launch program at boot up. My boss give me boot up arse, how to make program launch when this happen?

Explain to me what is leave? My wife leave me yesterday, is it similar concept in Symbian? I didn’t trap her, should I? What is this leave I read in SYmbian?

Awaiting your response.

5 thoughts on “Please help me urgent!!!

  1. Leave/Trap is just like throw/catch in normal C++. When Symbian OS was firstly designed, C++ does not have standard try/catch/throw yet, so they invented similar concept using Leave/Trap.
    Why do you want to learn Symbian C++? Why not J2ME? It is easier and you have “write once run everywhere with some tweaking”.

  2. Hi Anthony,

    I wasn’t the author of the original post. It’s something I picked up from the NewLC forums, since I thought it was very funny, which it is! And judging from the original post, I thing the author was also kidding, because surely no one in sane mind is going to call an executable “IMALAZYNUMPTYIDIOTWHODOESNTKNOWHOWTOSEARCHTHEINTERNETORHOW
    PART[01000001].APP” lol.

    As for Symbian C++ not using try/catch e.g. the C++ exception handling mechanism when it first came out, it wasn’t due to the fact that C++ didn’t have exceptions. It was the GNU toolchain (GCC that didn’t implement exception handling properly at that time and since the GNU toolchain was deemed to be important, compatibility won over cutting edge.

  3. Thankyou Tanzim – yes I was kidding of course, very surprised somebody thought it was a genuine post.

  4. I’m not at all surprised that it was thought to be genuine…there are loads of questions out there that verge on being like that 🙂

    That’s what made it so funny.

  5. Hi,

    u posted following at newLc forum,,14610.0.html

    You’ll have to do the following:

    Include in your code, use of of the RDebug::PrintXXX functions for the dump. E.g.


    void SomeFunction()
    RDebug::Printf(“Yahoo! Error code: %d”, -1); // Print uses char*
    RDebug::Print(_L(“Yahoo! Error code: %d”), -1); // Print uses TDes

    The output should be displayed in the codewarrior output window, or you can find it in the %temp%\epocwnd.out file

    I’m using s60 3.0 WITH Carbide C++ but I can’t c output on Carbide’s console nor can I find the above mentioned file.

    Thanks in advance.

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